Why PasswordToolbox?

These days we use passwords everywhere. How do you keep track? Doesn't it make your head spin remembering them all? This is where PasswordToolbox fits in. It stores all of your websites, usernames and passwords in a single place, so all you have to do is remember a single "master" password to unlock them all.

Actually PasswordToolbox is more than just a place to store your passwords. It allows you to access them from anywhere in the world, at any time. It is simple to use, and the unique search feature allows you to find the password you require in a flash. It also helps you create strong passwords that hackers can't easily guess, and makes it easy to organise all of your information. Oh, and it is free.

If you are still not convinced, here is a piece of (possibly not very interesting) security trivia for you: People are really bad at remembering good passwords. As a result, we end up picking passwords which are easy for hackers to guess, and we reuse the same passwords all over the place. This is a really bad thing to do, and is the reason we see so many reports of hacking and identity theft at the moment in the news. If this is something you do, create a PasswordToolbox account now, and sleep easy tonight.

Open Source

At PasswordToolbox we love open source. We really love it. Hopefully we will spin off some internal projects into open source, to give a little back to the community. If we start making money from this website, we will most definitely donate to the projects which we admire and have inspired us. In the meantime, our thanks goes out to the following teams:

  1. Debian (for their GNU/Linux distribution which we use in our hosting)
  2. Apache (for Tomcat, commons libraries and lots, lots more)
  3. Oracle for MySQL
  4. Spring
  5. Eclipse
  6. Twitter for Bootstrap
  7. Jackson
  8. Flyway
  9. JQuery
  10. ZeroClipboard
  11. Thymeleaf

Thanks To

James Gould, Brian Draper


Please feel free to contact us by email.